SF9 wins 'the most anticipated comeback idol' vote
SF9 wins 'the most anticipated comeback idol' vote
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] SF9 who has made a comeback with the first studio album won 'Most anticipated comeback idol' vote conducted by IDOLCHAMP(fan app) The group won as much as 48% in the vote.

SF9 released first studio album January 7, three years and three months since their debut. The album. 'FIRST COLLECTION' and the efforts that have been made so far are shining to its best ever. The album sold a total of 70,000 copies in the initial count, ranking first on the daily and weekly charts.

The music video shows that it has been loved by not only Korea but also global K-pop fans by surpassing 10 million views in 4 days and ranked first in the iTunes K-pop album chart in Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

Boy group ATEEZ who returned to the epilogue album of the 'Treasure' series, came in second with 38.29% of the votes. Singer Ong Sungwoo who won 9.5%, ranked third, followed by boy group VERIVERY and B.O.Y.


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