Heo Young-saeng, ‘MI CASA SU CASA’ album is released
Heo Young-saeng, ‘MI CASA SU CASA’ album is released
  • Khaing 기자
  • 승인 2021.09.03 20:00
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Heo Young-saeng's new album "MI CASA SU CASA" was released on various music sites at midnight on September 2.

The title song "MI CASA SU CASA" was composed and arranged by Steven Lee, who composed Oh My Girl's "Slightly Excited," "Secret Garden," and Right Some's "Vanilla." Heo Young-saeng participated in writing the lyrics and captured the sincerity of a man toward a woman.  The bright and cheerful rhythm makes you feel cool just by listening to it.

As it is a dance song released after a long time, attention was focused on what kind of new side Heo Young-saeng will show in this album, which is expected by many fans.
Meanwhile, Heo Young-saeng will appear on "M Countdown" this week to fill the stage that came in early fall with warm emotions.


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