Street Women Fighter production presentation is hold
Street Women Fighter production presentation is hold
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] It held a production presentation for Mnet's Street Woman Fighter online.

The online production presentation of Mnet's new survival program "Street Woman Fighter" was broadcast live on the 24th. Kwon Young-chan, PD Choi Jung-nam, MC Kang Daniel, Fight Jersey Boa Tae-yong, Hwang Sang-hoon, and each crew's leader Li Jung (YGX), Gabi (Rachka), Hyojin Choi (Wont), Anso (Wavey), Monica (Proudman) and Honey J (Hollibang) attended the event.

Street Woman Fighter is a program in which eight women's dance crew members representing South Korea appear and fight for their pride to become the best global K-dance crew.

On the same day, CP Kwon Young-chan introduced "Street Woman Fighter." "It's a survival program in which eight female teams with the best skills in the Korean dance scene choose the No. 1 global dance crew," he said. "There are many survival programs, and there are many things to see as they compete only with dancing."

The Street Woman Fighter is rumored to have engaged in a fiery war of nerves from the first episode as many of the best female dance crews from South Korea gathered. In response, producer Choi said, "Since it was a survival program, there was tension between dancers and they had to be sensitive," adding, "But they were sensitive in the competition process, but they showed clean acceptance of the result." We will be able to see the sportsmanship of the dancers through the broadcast.

 Meanwhile, Street Woman Fighter will premiere at 10:20 p.m. on Monday.


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