THE FACT Music Awards : 2nd line-up revealed
THE FACT Music Awards : 2nd line-up revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] K-pop's top female idol groups and the unique solo artists will perform on the 2nd "THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS."

The TMA organizing committee on Jan. 29 confirmed its appearance on the 2nd "THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS" by six of the country's top female artists (TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, Chungha, (G)I-DLE and ITZY). 

Announcing the second lineup on the same day, a TMA organizing committee official said, "Not only last year, but also this year, we will be gathering female artists who are making the music industry cool. Except for artists who are resting on their activities, it will actually be the best stage set up with the best lineup," they were confident.

Thus, the 2nd THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS to be held at Gocheok Sky Dome on Feb. 29, which will be released on Jan. 23, has added eight boy groups and six female artist groups, and a total of 14 teams have been finalized. 

TWICE and Red Velvet, whose appearances were confirmed on the same day, are a representative female idol groups that have been receiving explosive love across Asia beyond Korea. Mamamoo gained a lot of popularity last year, the sixth year since their debut, and (G)I-DLE continued to be the power of winning six new titles.  ITZY is the best rookie and Chungha is the best female solo artist anyone likes.

TWICE was loved by fans with its "FANCY" and "Feel Special" last year, surpassing the 1 million annual record sales (11.4 million units based on Gaon Charts shipped in November 2019) for the third consecutive year. It is on a world tour that extends beyond Korea to 29 performances in 17 regions around the world, including four cities in the Americas.

Red Velvet had a festive year last year with "The Re:Ve Festival." It has heightened the festival’s fever with "Zimzalabim" and "Umpah Umpah" and continues its unceasing popularity for a sixth week with "Psycho," which was released on Dec. 23.

Mamamoo's popularity was no less than two teams. MAMAMOO, who made the grand finale of "The Four Seasons Focalor Project" and released their second full-length album "Reality in BLACK," solidified their place as "Girl Crush No.1" with a swaggy and intense stage through the title track "HIP."

In addition, (G)I-DLE, which won six Rookie of the Year honors in 2018, made its name in the lineup last year with much love for "Senorita," and Chungha, who has established herself as a local one-top female solo artist by making consecutive hits of "Gotta Go" and "Snapping," will also appear for the second consecutive year.

On top of that, ITZY, which appeared like a comet in the K-pop scene in 2019 and was recognized as the top rookie girl group with back-to-back hits of "DALLA DALLA" and "ICY," will perform on "THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS" for the first time. The growth of those who are about to make a comeback and their upgraded visuals are also important points to watch.

Attention is drawn to what kind of all-time high-profile performances will be staged at the 2nd "THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS," which will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome on an upgraded scale.

The K-pop festival "THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS," which is being created by artists and fans together, will be unveiled on its official website later, following the announcement of the first and second line-up, as well as information related to the awards ceremony, including the distribution of tickets and the hosting time.

LG U+ is streaming the awards in Korea while BBANGYA TV will be streaming the event internationally.


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