Baek Yerin is performing at Olympic Stadium
Baek Yerin is performing at Olympic Stadium
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] Baek Yerin, the singer of 'Every letter I Sent You.' and 'Square' is performing at Seoul Olympic Stadium, one of the biggest concert venue in Korea. Her solo concert tickets on February 8 and 9 were all sold out a minute after the tickets opened. This is her first concert at the stadium of over 10,000 seats. Female solo artists who have ever performed at the venue are Patty Kim, IU, BMK and Insuni. 
Baek Yerin made a debut as a duo '15&' with Park Jimin under JYP Entertainment. After fifteen years with the agency the singer started her career as a solo artist under the independent label 'Blue Vinyl'. She was also nominated in five categories at Korean Music Awards including 'Album of the Year', 'Song of the Year' and 'Artist of the Year'.


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