Song Kang Marie Claire pictorial is released
Song Kang Marie Claire pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Actor Song Kang's pictorial has been released.

Actor "Song Kang," who is building up solid acting filmography with perfecting various roles, decorated the cover of the September issue of "Marie Claire" with Clash de Cartier.

In the released pictorial, Song Kang matched the "Clash de Cartier" collection, which gave a strong personality and freedom away from the two contrasting styles of suits and casual looks, and showed a soft yet intense twist.

In the interview, Song Kang confessed that he had ruled himself not to be excited at the same time as he was bewildered by the hot response, referring to four successive works, including "Sweet Home", "Love Alarm Season 2", "Navillera", and "Nevertheless".  
More pictorials and interviews of actor Song Kang can be found in the September issue of "Marie Claire" and on the Marie Claire website.


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