Dreamcatcher 'Esquire Korea' pictorial is released
Dreamcatcher 'Esquire Korea' pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Esquire, a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine, released a web pictorial with Dreamcatcher on the 13th.

Dreamcatcher showed off their charm that transcends innocence and loveliness through the magazine Esquire.

Dreamcatcher in the released pictorial features a tie-patterned mini-dress, bra top and cut-out detail top, and a floral print skirt, while the casual street item perfectly features a feminine feel and fresh summer fashion.

Dreamcatcher, which mainly plays rock-based powerful sound and fast beat dance music such as "Boca" and "Scream," usually had a strong or conceptual fashion style, but it is said that it easily pulled off various styles of clothes in this pictorial, drawing admiration from the staff.

A total of 17 photos of Dreamcatcher's various charms can be found on Esquire's official website, and fashion films containing the photoshoot will be available on Esquire Korea YouTube channel at 1 p.m. on the 13th.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher, who made a comeback on July 30 with his special mini-album "Summer Holiday," proved his popularity by reaching 20 million views on YouTube with the title track "BEcause" at the top of the Bugs' real-time music charts.


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