Jung Hae-in X Koo Kyo-hwan 'D.P.' ensemble poster & main preview is revealed
Jung Hae-in X Koo Kyo-hwan 'D.P.' ensemble poster & main preview is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Netflix's 'D.P.' has released ensemble posters and main trailers, raising expectations.

The Netflix series  (D.P.), which depicts the story of Jun-ho and Ho-yeol chasing people with various stories and facing the reality that they didn't know, unveiled ensemble posters and main trailers.

The poster released shows Jun-ho and Ho-yeol working in society. They travel throughout the country with their hair grown and plainclothes like civilians, but they are soldiers who catch deserters. Those who move in pairs like detectives chasing criminals do not mind undercover or investigating.   

The main trailer, which was released together, can be seen closer to Junho, who has started tracking deserters. For the first time, Private Junho, who is puzzled by everything in D.P. activities, will be the leader and corporal Hoyeol, who will have to be the first to catch deserters.  

The series <D.P.> will be released on Netflix on August 27th, when the stories of deserters faced by Junho and Hoyeol and the heavyweight of the order to bring them back safely will give viewers a heavy topic.


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