ATEEZ X Kim Jong Kook collaboration album is released
ATEEZ X Kim Jong Kook collaboration album is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] The tracklist of the group ATEEZ and singer Kim Jong-kook's collaboration album has been released.

On the afternoon of the 10th, ATEEZ released a tracklist image of "Season Songs" on its official SNS channel. Just like the title poster released earlier, the image with the blue beach and sandy beach background are refreshing, raising expectations for the album aimed at the chart this summer.

The group ATEEZ and singer Kim Jong-kook will remake the group Turbo's "Black Cat Nero" and "White Love" at the ski resort.
The two songs will be included in their collaboration album "Season Songs," which will be released on the 16th. The title song is the new song, "Do you want to go see the sea?"

Kim Jong-kook and ATEEZ began their relationship when ATEEZ, who appeared in KBS2's "Immortal Song: Kim Jong-kook X Turbo" last year, won the final championship by performing a spectacular performance with the "Black Cat" stage. In particular, Kim Jong-kook came running to prepare for the Halloween special video after the show, showing off his strong loyalty to his seniors and juniors without hesitation to appear as a cameo, and the video has received enthusiastic responses on YouTube and Twitter around the world.

Also, the new reality entertainment program "A Man in the Pirate King" will be released on Kakao TV at 7 p.m. on the 11th.

"A Man in the Pirate King" is a program that captures the process of a left-handed collaboration project in which ATEEZ and Kim Jong-kook collaborate to make a song called "Do you want to go see the sea?" Through the "Season Songs" album, ATEEZ and Kim Jong-kook, who are about to release their collaboration song "Do you want to go see the sea?" will have a variety of fun, ranging from harmonious chemistry to refreshing bromance.



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