SEVENTEEN's fans are mad at Pledis "They aren't slaves"
SEVENTEEN's fans are mad at Pledis "They aren't slaves"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|James Jung] CARATs(SEVENTEEN's fan club) are mad at Pledis following the agency's announcement regarding Jun's health status. Jun is taking a hiatus and will not make it for the world tour  in San Jose, California.

On Twitter, the fans mentioned with anger how the agency's past official announcements were mainly about(six out of eleven) the members' hiatus due to health issues and that the agency is not taking enough care of SEVENTEEN. SEVENTEEN have never had a break since their debut in 2015. Fans even made a list of health issues, both mental and physical, of the members; S.Coups has anxiety issue, The8 and Wonwoo suffered from dizziness. Jun, The8, DK had a cold and were taken photos many times while frowning. SEVENTEEN is currently on world tour "Ode To You".

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