MAMAMOO will hold an online concert "WAW" on August 28th
MAMAMOO will hold an online concert "WAW" on August 28th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] MAMAMOO will hold their first online concert on the 28th.
Photo = RBW
Photo = RBW

MAMAMOO revealed their poster for the "2021 MAMAMOO Online Concert 'WAW" on its official fan cafe at 1 p.m. on the 6th, announcing the news of its solo concert.

The poster released shows MAMAMOO posing on the track. It is the finish line celebrating the seven-year journey, and I can feel the strong aspirations of the members who have stood at the starting point, which means a new start. In particular, the stripe pattern styling reminiscent of the stage costume of the debut song "Mr. Ambiguous" shows MAMAMOO's growth symbolically, giving a touching impression.

MAMAMOO's concert is the first concert in two years and a month since '4season F/W' in Daegu' held in July 2019. The company originally planned an offline concert, but due to the recent spread of coronavirus, it has decided to take the form of an online concert.

Above all, as part of 2021 Where Are We (WAW) project, the concert will reflect on the meaning of MAMAMOO's path from debut to now, and repay their love for their fans with the stage.

Meanwhile, tickets for MAMAMOO's first online concert "WAW" will be sold on Olleh TV, Seezn, and Interpark on the 17th.


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