'Extreme debut wild idol' official poster is released
'Extreme debut wild idol' official poster is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The audition program 'Extreme debut wild idol' has released its official poster.

On the 3rd, MBC's "Extreme debut wild idol" (directed by Choi Haeng-ho, Choi Min-geun, Han Young-long, hereinafter referred to as "wild idol") opened an official poster to raise expectations for its first broadcast.

The poster, which was unveiled, attracts attention with a red tower that rose high against the backdrop of blue sky and vast wilderness. Applicants sitting on the floor are all looking at the tower or reaching for the tower.

The phrase "Wake up your instincts from the wilderness!" also drew attention to the candidates' relentless challenges and growth. This left a deep impression by suggesting that applicants struggle in the wild to overcome the high wall of their eagerly desired debut.

"Extreme debut wild idol" raised expectations for its first broadcast by releasing a surprise teaser video and an official poster. "Extreme debut wild idol," Korea's first survival program for survival auditions, is drawing particular attention as Kim Jong-kook, a "popular entertainer" who boasts solid hosting skills, is the main MC.

 "Extreme debut wild idol" is a boy group audition program that is scheduled to air in September 2021 by Mystic Story and Entertainment that shows their thoughts. Kim Jong-kook will lead the "wild idol" as the main MC.

"Extreme debut wild idol" is expected to announce "Real Survival," a managing director differentiated from existing survival audition programs.

Meanwhile, MBC's new entertainment program "Extreme debut wild idol" will premiere in September.



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