Punch X Mad Clown collaboration song "I Miss You" is released
Punch X Mad Clown collaboration song "I Miss You" is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Punch collaborates with rapper Mad Clown to present a sad farewell sentiment.
Photo = Yum Yum Entertainment
Photo = Yum Yum Entertainment

Punch and Mad Clown will release their new single "I Miss You" on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 3rd.

Punch is expected to start a new collaboration project by working with Mad Clown with this song.

"I Miss You" contains the story of a lover who has left and misses her. The cello and piano sound that blend with hip-hop beats are impressive.

Song Dong-woon, the nation's top producer who produced OSTs such as tvN's "Hotel Del Luna," "The Goblin," "Descendants of the Sun," and SBS' "It's Okay, That's Love," participated to enhance musical completeness.

In particular, the dreamy punch's vocals and emotional Mad Clown's rapping maximize the sad atmosphere. Punch presents a more mature voice with solid singing skills, while Mad Clown expresses his desperate feelings with outstanding rap skills.
Mad Clown, who has a strong presence in the hip-hop scene, also achieved positive results with several hits and collaborations such as "Love Is a Dog from Hell."

The meeting between Punch and Mad Clown is expected to draw a lot of attention and show extraordinary synergy.


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