SEVENTEEN DK's re-challenge as a musical actor
SEVENTEEN DK's re-challenge as a musical actor
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Group SEVENTEEN member DK is on the cover of the magazine Theater Plus.

SEVENTEEN DK, who confirmed his appearance as the main character "Arthur" in the musical "Excalibur," released a photo cut and interview for the August issue with the performance culture magazine "Theater Plus" today (28th), drawing attention with his colorful charms.

In the released pictorial, DK perfectly pulled off a suede-textured jacket and pants in his own style in front of a background reminiscent of a fresh forest, overwhelmed the audience with charismatic eyes, and melted the image of "Arthur" in the play.

When asked how he felt about participating in the reenactment following the premiere of the musical "Excalibur," DK said, "I was so moved, happy, and happy to hear that I could participate again. The first thought I had was to show "Arthur," who grew more than two years ago."

Following DK's various photoshoots and premiere, interviews that expressed his feelings about being cast as the main character "Arthur" and his determination to perform "Excalibur" in two years can be seen through the August issue of "Theater Plus."


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