ASTRO makes their first appearance on Melon Station's "Today's Music" on August 2
ASTRO makes their first appearance on Melon Station's "Today's Music" on August 2
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] K-pop's representative refreshing idol, ASTRO, will appear on Melon Station's "Today's Music" for the first time with their comeback on August 2.

Melon said on the 29th, "ASTRO, who is loved by many fans while creating their own musical trends, will appear in 'Music Today' in time for the release of their eighth mini-album 'SWITCH ON'. "We will present rich content that includes stories about the new album and talks that show individual members' individuality," he said.

According to Melon, Astro talked about various themes based on the album name "SWITCH ON" at the pre-recording site.

Astro had a pleasant time asking and answering how it changed depending on the situation when they were musicians (ON) and normal (OFF) through the "SWITCH ON" production episode as well as "ASTRO's ON&OFF."

"SWITCH ON," which will be released at 6 p.m. on August 2, is an album that ASTRO presents to Astro and captures Astro's past, present, and future that we have walked together for the past six years.

The title song is "After Midnight," a delightful up-tempo pop song featuring piano and bass that doubles the charm of funky beats based on disco. It is known that you will be able to enjoy ASTRO's refreshing energy with exciting melodies.

ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo is expected to participate in writing the lyrics and enjoy a perfect deviation by staying up all night with someone he likes.

Meanwhile, the music talk show "Today's Music" is a representative program of Melon Station, hosted by musicians ranging from K-pop's representative idols to talented singer-songwriters, and provides abundant audio content to Melon users.  




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