'Army of Thieves' trailer is opened
'Army of Thieves' trailer is opened
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  • 승인 2021.07.27 19:57
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The zombie action thriller 'Army of Thieves' opened with the derivative film 'Army of Thieves'.

On the 26th, the official teaser trailer of 'Army of Thieves' directed by Jack Snyder was released on Netflix Korea YouTube channel.

Army of Thieves is a 2021 American-German romantic comedy film directed by Heist. Directed and starred by Matthias Schweijkhopper, it is a prequel to Jack Snyder's film "Army of the Dead".

Jack Snyder's "Army of the Dead," the prequel, comes. Dieter working at a bank in a small town. A mystery woman visits him and draws him into a team of Interpol's worst wanted men. They're trying to conquer legendary vaults throughout Europe that are impenetrable. Dieter's ordinary life is swept away by unimaginable adventures.

'Army of Thieves' is soon to be unveiled only on Netflix.


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