NCT SHOTARO first solo pictorial is released
NCT SHOTARO first solo pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Shotaro released a pictorial for the August issue of the fashion magazine "VOGUE Korea" to create unique and diverse concepts stylishly, attracting attention with fascinating eyes and mature looks.

As it is t

he first solo pictorial shoot since SHOTARO's debut, the excitement that "I prepared a lot for today" as well as practicing interviews with a Korean teacher in advance increased the completeness of the pictorial.

In an interview about the benefits of becoming a singer, Shotaro said, "A singer is a job that entertains people. There are many people who listen to our music, watch our performances, and have a beneficial influence, so I'm happy if I add a little strength, and I want to achieve it later on. "For those people," he said "I want to be an entertainer that I can't forget even after years," he said when asked what his ultimate dream was to become a musician, and he said, "I want to teach dancing to children with bad conditions."I am willing to exercise good influence.

In the August issue of "VOGUE Korea" and the official website, you can find photos and interviews with the great appearance and various charms of Shotaro.


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