Red Velvet Yeri & PENTAGON Hongseok 'Blue Birthday' Concept Photo Revealed
Red Velvet Yeri & PENTAGON Hongseok 'Blue Birthday' Concept Photo Revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] "Blue Birthday" released sweet concept photos of Yeri (Kim Ye-rim) and Hongseok of Pentagon.

Playlist Friday and Saturday drama "Blue Birthday" (written by Moon Won-young, Koo So-yeon, director Park Dan-hee, production playlist) was released on the 23rd, his first love to die on my birthday 10 years ago, and his mysterious photo is a fantasy romance thriller.

Oh Ha-rin (Kim Ye-rim) and Ji Seo-joon (Hong-seok), who are smiling brightly under the blue summer sky, are best friends for 10 years, which began in elementary school. However, two people leaning toward each other feel a strange "something" more than a friend, which blends with the unique freshness of eighteen, causing a heartwarming excitement. Expectations are high for another "K-High Teen" that the playlist will portray.  

"The day I met you again 10 years ago," suggests a unique characteristic of "Blue Birthday." The photo was taken on June 10, 2011. It was 10 years ago. And it was also the last day they were together. On the 18th birthday of Harin, Seo-joon suddenly took his own life and passed away. Harin, who was left alone and endured every day in pain, returns to that day 10 years ago on her 28th birthday. The real story of the two begins only when Harin meets Seo-joon, who she has missed so much.

The playlist said, "The main poster wanted to capture the freshness of 18-year-old Harin and Seo-joon and the excitement that rose between them. "You can look forward to their fresh and refreshing chemistry," he said. "Please look forward to Harin's time slip, which will go back 10 years after Seo-joon's loss and by chance 10 years ago."

"Blue Birthday" will be released on Naver TV at 7 p.m. on Friday, the 23rd, and will be released on YouTube from August 6.


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