CRAVITY comeback in August after 7 months
CRAVITY comeback in August after 7 months
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Group CRAVITY will join the comeback in August.
Photo = Starship Entertainment
Photo = Starship Entertainment

"Cravity confirmed its comeback in August and is currently in the middle of preparation," said its agency Starship Entertainment on the 19th. "We look forward to seeing a new transformation of CRAVITY, who will grow further in music and performance."

CRAVITY, which debuted in the K-pop industry in April last year, released three mini-albums under the big theme of "HIDEOUT" and gained the nickname "performvity" with its own mysterious worldview and spectacular performance.

In particular, CRAVITY succeeded in entering the Billboard "Social 50" chart at 12th place in the U.S. from the top seven iTunes top K-pop album charts with its first mini-album, and gained significant results at home and abroad, recapturing the top spot in 141 days after its debut.

CRAVITY, who has been wandering around the K-pop industry with unrivaled moves, plans to show its growth once again in August 2021 by firmly establishing itself as a "fourth-generation idol" who leads the next K-pop industry, heralding a return to being an artist through this album.

Meanwhile, news related to CRAVITY's comeback with a high-quality album will be released sequentially on the official SNS.


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