Jo Jung-suk participates in OST for season 2 of "Hospital Playlist"
Jo Jung-suk participates in OST for season 2 of "Hospital Playlist"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Jo Jung-seok participated in the OST of the song "I Like You" and "Hospital Playlist Season 2."

Actor Cho Jung-seok, who plays Professor Lee Ik-joon, a hack insider and a consultant surgeon at Yulje Hospital in tvN's "Hospital Playlist Season 2" on the 16th, will sing another OST following the previous season. The OST sung by Cho Jung-seok was released on major music sites in Korea at noon on the 16th.

This time, Cho Jung-seok will remake "Like It," which was included as the first track in the group's third full album "I Like You," released in 1996. Cho Jung-seok's version of "I Like You" was broadcasted in the fifth episode of "Hospital Playlist Season 2," which aired on the 15th, drawing explosive attention among viewers.

The arrangement was arranged by Jayins and Naiv, who worked on the first OST "Rain and You" of "Hospital Playlist Season 2" released last month. They said, "Instead of the acoustic feeling in the original song 'I Like You', they tried to change it to an electronic arrangement based on retro sound." In particular, the song will be rearranged with a feeling that suits Cho Jung-seok's sweet voice and will convey a pleasant impression as much as "AROHA."

Earlier last year, Cho Jung-seok was loved for singing "AROHA," the OST of "Hospital Playlist" Season 1.

"AROHA" was newly reinterpreted with Cho Jung-seok's outstanding singing ability and sweet voice, topping various music sites, as well as the Melon Music Awards 2020 and the 30th High1 Seoul Song. It was recognized as the best OST last year, winning the OST category at the Grand Prize, the 35th Golden Disc Awards, the 2020 Genie Music Awards, and the Brand of the Year Awards.

Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, the fifth episode of "Hospital Playlist 2," which aired the previous day, recorded 12.4% nationwide, breaking its own highest ratings.


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