SHINee Minho new profile is released
SHINee Minho new profile is released
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  • 승인 2021.07.19 20:31
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] SHINee Minho has unveiled a new profile with conflicting charms.

In the photo released by his agency SM Entertainment on the 16th, Choi Min-ho shows unique sensibilities from poses with a natural atmosphere to lyrical eyes that catch the eye.

Choi Min-ho, who revealed his seductive yet deep aura with an urban mood, expressed his feelings about filming, saying, "I want to meet more various characters in the future," making us look forward to his acting as an actor in the future.

Minho showed stable acting skills as police officer Oh Dong-sik in his previous Kakao TV 'Lovestruck in the City'. She played the role of office worker Yuqi in the original TVing 'Yumi's Cells'. He is active not only in the music industry but also as an actor.


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