IU was selected as Kakao Webtoon Brand Model
IU was selected as Kakao Webtoon Brand Model
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Kakao Entertainment has selected singer IU as the global webtoon platform Kakao webtoon brand model.

Kakao Entertainment (CEO Lee Jin-soo, Kim Sung-soo) announced on the 16th that it has been selected as a brand muse for Kakao Webtoon, a global webtoon platform that will officially launch singer IU in Korea in August.

Kakao Entertainment and IU will showcase various types of collaborations starting with brand advertisements that will be released on TV and YouTube on the 27th. The meeting between Kakao Webtoon, which presents K-Webtoon's global standard, and IU who has been a top artist and actor, is expected to create a great synergy.

IU said, "We finished filming happily with a special concept that can show you a different side of us from before." "Please look forward to collaboration with Kakao Webtoon, which is highly anticipated not only in Korea but also in the world."
Meanwhile, IU will join hands with Chamisul and jewelry brand J.ESTINA, who have been modeling for seven years, to showcase limited-edition goods. This collaboration started with IU, a singer who is working as a model for two brands.


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