Kim Jae-joong, documentary film 'On the Road' will be released exclusively on CGV
Kim Jae-joong, documentary film 'On the Road' will be released exclusively on CGV
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] CGV announced on the 15th that singer and actor Kim Jae-joong's documentary "On the Road" will be released exclusively in Korea on July 21.

Many fans are expected to participate in the COVID 19 period when artists and fans cannot meet in person, as they can vividly enjoy the story of their beloved artists through the theater's pleasant environment, large screens, and rich sounds.

"On the Road" is a documentary film about Kim Jae-joong, who has been active as a singer and actor since his debut in the music industry in 2004, looking back on his path so far and finding a new dream.

The movie is directed by Lee Jae-han, director of "A Moment to Remember," and shows Kim Jae-joong's honest story with beautiful visual beauty. Park Sung-il, music director of the drama "Itaewon Class," participated in the OST to increase the level of perfection. The title song "we're" is written and composed by Kim Jae-joong.

CGV screened girl group IZ*ONE's "IZ*ONE: The Movie," BTS's fourth film "Break the Silence," and Kim Ho-joong's first fan meeting movie "Thank You" last year, drawing favorable responses from the audience.

In August, BLACKPINK's 5th-anniversary film "BLACKPINK The Movie" will be released at CGV nationwide through 4DX, ScreenX, and 4DX screens.

Meanwhile, 'On the Road' will be available at 15 CGVs including CGV Yongsan I'Park Mall from July 21. Details of the reservation can be found on CGV's mobile app and website.


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