Kang Chan-hee X Park Yuna 'White Day: The Elimination School' release in September
Kang Chan-hee X Park Yuna 'White Day: The Elimination School' release in September
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Fantasy horror "White Day: The Elimination School," starring actors such as Kang Chan-hee, Park Yu-na, and Jang Kwang, has confirmed its release in September.
Photo = J&C Media Group
Photo = J&C Media Group

'White Day: The Elimination School' is a horror fantasy about the struggle to save friends from the evil spirits that cause a strange phenomenon at school late at night.

Kang Chan-hee plays Hee-min, the successor to the nation's top exorcist, who has yet to be aware of his ability. Starting as a child actor and starring in various works for a long time, he is drawing attention by challenging the exorcism genre for the first time. Park Yu-na, who drew attention with her unique charm, plays So-young, a girl who keeps secrets about the school's curse.

Kang Chan-hee and Park Yu-na have worked together in "SKY Castle" and "True Beauty" so they will see what synergy they will exert in this "White Day: Elimination School of Destruction." Veteran actor Jang Kwang, who showed outstanding acting skills with works such as "Silenced" "Masquerade" and "Along with the Gods," will also appear.    

The teaser poster, which was released, draws attention by capturing Kang Chan-hee staring at somewhere with a grim expression. The copy, "The evil spirit's fault has collapsed and he has awakened," stimulates curiosity about what will be the unidentified incident that has awakened him.

Meanwhile, "White Day: The Elimination School" meets audiences in September.


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