Seo In-guk reviewing to appear in drama 'Minamdang-Case Notes'
Seo In-guk reviewing to appear in drama 'Minamdang-Case Notes'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actor Seo In-guk has been offered to appear in 'Minamdang-Case Notes'.
Photo = Story J Company
Photo = Story J Company

On the 12th, Seo In-guk said, "Seo In-guk has been proposed to the drama 'Minamdang-Case Notes' and is under consideration."

The 'Minamdang-Case Notes' is based on a novel of the same name published on Kakao Page.

The original 'Minamdang-Case Notes' is a mystery play played by former profiler Han Joon and colleagues who became shamans and is a hot topic that has achieved 150,000 readers on Kakao Page. A charming novel by Jung Jae-han, who won the grand prize at the Kakao Page Mobile Novel Contest and announced the appearance of a new storyteller. The drama 'Minamdang-Case Notes' which depicts the story of the suspicious cafe handsome party and the clients who visited it, is expected to provide a different kind of fun from the original, including the emergence of new characters and humorous developments.

Seo In-guk was reportedly offered the role of the main character Han Joon in 'Minamdang-Case Notes'. Attention is focusing on whether he will make a high-speed come back to the 'Minamdang-Case Notes' after tvN's recently ended "Doom at your service."

Meanwhile, 'Minamdang-Case Notes' is preparing for production ahead of filming in October.



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