Lee Chae-yeon from IZ*ONE appears in 'Street Woman Fighter'
Lee Chae-yeon from IZ*ONE appears in 'Street Woman Fighter'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer Lee Chae-yeon from IZ*ONE has confirmed her appearance on Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter."
Photo=WM Entertainment
Photo=WM Entertainment

On the 12th, her agency WM Entertainment said, "Lee Chae-yeon will join Mnet's female dance crew survival program 'Street Woman Fighter' as a crew member."

Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter," which is set to premiere on August 24, is Mnet's first survival program for female dance crews, with a dance battle to win the No. 1 global K-Dance Crew throne of the 8 dance crew representing Korea.

Lee Chae-yeon will be on the Avengers crew "WANT" with hot star dancers, including Hyojin Choi, star choreographer of dance studio One Million.

Lee Chae-won was the main dancer of the group IZ*ONE. As his first step after the breakup of IZ*ONE, he made headlines by releasing the choreography cover video content of pop singer Justin Bieber's "Peaches."



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