Lee Min-ki special appearance in 'Decibel'
Lee Min-ki special appearance in 'Decibel'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Actor Lee Min-ki special appearance in the movie 'Decibel'.
Photo = East Dream Synopex
Photo = East Dream Synopex

Lee Min-ki worked with director Hwang In Ho in the movie 'Spellbound'and 'Monster' and he appears in Hwang In Ho's new 'Decibels' (working title) as a cameo part.

'Decibel' reacts to the sound of special bomb terrorists occupied the central to a man and his Navy from a commander who is targeted for half a day, the terrorist action movie. It is Hwang In Ho's third movie and Kim Rae-won, Lee Jong-seok, and Cha Eunwoo would appear.

Hwang In Ho's directing debut and starring Lee Min-ki starting with the blockbuster movie 'Spellbound' and achieved 300 million of the image that has come up with up to 'Monster'. This is a close relationship with director Hwang In Ho Lee Min-ki in the new movie 'Decibel'.

Lee Min-ki was a Navy captain role in the 'Decibel'. Create a role in this film about the amazing road kept the best scene in the flow of field staff, and performances more than a cameo part of the source of wonder.

'Decibel'(working title) is the nation's best submarine expert and vivid through the Advisory practice of large-scale demolitions experts, a chemical bomb attack in downtown ballparks, and to stem the bombing scene of a convincing way the tracking of the characters is expected to draw.




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