SG Wannabe return with new song 'You're a Good Person' after 3 years
SG Wannabe return with new song 'You're a Good Person' after 3 years
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Group SG Wannabe return.

SG Wannabe (Kim Yong-joon, Kim Jin-ho, Lee Seok-hoon) will release their new single "You are a Good Person" through various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 16th.

"You're a Good Person" is the first new song in about three years since SG Wannabe's release in 2018, and contains overwhelming gratitude to all who have made memories with lovers, friends, family, and SG Wannabe's songs.

'How do you play?' on MBC entertainment show recently, SG Wannabe's 'Partner for Life' full video, which showed a luxurious live performance through 'How do you play?' has surpassed 13.3 million views on official YouTube and topped the list of views in history views.
SG Wannabe will air on the 17th. 'How do you play?' At the 100th special concert, the new song 'You're a Good Person' will be released for the first time.

Expectations are high that SG Wannabe, the role model of MSG Wannabe, who is currently at the top of the music charts, will create another craze as it will be staged as a new song.


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