Kang Daniel's 2nd anniversary VR fan meeting
Kang Daniel's 2nd anniversary VR fan meeting
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer Kang Daniel will hold a virtual reality (VR) fan meeting to mark the second anniversary of his solo debut.
Kang Daniel VR Fan Meeting Poster
Kang Daniel VR Fan Meeting Poster

The agency Konnect Entertainment announced on the 8th that it will hold Kang Daniel VR fan meeting "DAN2TY& : Walking with Daniel" on the 25th.

The concert prepared over several months by Konnect Entertainment and VR content producer Vision VR, focused on maximizing the sense of realism and immersion by implementing ultra-high-definition screens.

Konnect Entertainment said, "We found this idea in a situation where we can't face our fans to the fullest due to the COVID 19." "We will provide satisfaction as if we are actually meeting Kang Daniel with a different texture from the existing VR video."

Kang Daniel also said, "Since it is a very special fan meeting, we will come back with a different experience and quality beyond imagination."

Tickets for Kang Daniel's VR fan meeting will be sold only until the 9th, and can be viewed through Kang Daniel's fan cafe application "KANGDANIEL."


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