Jackson on the cover of GQ CHINA
Jackson on the cover of GQ CHINA
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Jackson was on the cover of the July issue of the fashion magazine GQ China.

As the first Chinese artist to appear in the fashion magazine "LOFFICIEL KOREA," Jackson decorated the June issue of "Equire KOREA" and "Equire CHINA" with simultaneous covers.  The official cover of the July issue of GQ CHINA will appear. Jackson showed off his grip on the blockbuster camera with a variety of expressions that unravel trends with outstanding fashion expressions.
The gentle suit, comfortable vest, and jacket are all perfect. It is a convenience that has a strong ability to make people look fair because it can have a completely different effect even if they wear various clothes.

More of Jackson's charm can be found in the July issue of GQ CHINA.



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