NCT's Taeyong first judge, Street Woman Fighter
NCT's Taeyong first judge, Street Woman Fighter
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Taeyong of NCT will join "Street Woman Fighter" as a judge.
Photo = SM Entertainment
Photo = SM Entertainment

"It is right that Taeyong appears as a judge for Mnet's first female dance crew survival 'Street Woman Fighter'," an SM Entertainment official said.

"Street Woman Fighter" is a program featuring eight female dance crews representing South Korea to wage an unyielding war to become the No. 1 global K-dance crew, where you can meet a variety of street dances by energetic female dancers such as girl's hip-hop, waacking, locking, krumping, and breaking.

Also, Mnet official told My Daily on the 6th that BoA has joined the Street Woman Fighter and is currently filming.

"Street Woman Fighter" also said on the same day, "Taeyong has already started filming." I will lead the program with BoA. "I will show outstanding performance as a judge," he said.

Street Woman Fighter is scheduled to premiere in August.



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