John Park 'Monthly Magazine Home' OST Part.4 'Here I am' is released
John Park 'Monthly Magazine Home' OST Part.4 'Here I am' is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer John Park will be the fourth OST runner of 'Monthly Magazine Home'.
Photo = JTBC Studio
Photo = JTBC Studio

The OST Part.4 "Here I Am," sung by John Park, will be released on an online music site before 6 p.m. on the 8th.

'Here I am' is a song that beautifully blends John Park's appealing dark tone that makes many people's eardrums happy with the guitar melody that flows lightly and emotionally.  

John Park, who has become a sweet voice boyfriend through "This Ain't It," "Thought Of You," "Falling" and "That Song," will deliver viewers' summer emotions through the 'Monthly Magazine Home' OST.

Meanwhile, JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama'Monthly Magazine Home' is a drama about the romance between Na Young-won, an editor of 'Monthly Magazine Home' and Yoo Ja-sung, a CEO of 'Monthly Magazine Home' and a real estate investment expert, starring Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok, Jung-ju, and Chae Jung-an.


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