HyunAh's New Clavicle Piercing Surprises Fans
HyunAh's New Clavicle Piercing Surprises Fans
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] HyunAh has updated fans on her latest piercings!

On January 7, she shared four photos without captions on Instagram. The photos show that she has gotten two piercings on her collarbone or clavicle. A kind of dermal piercing, a collarbone piercing is still new to K-pop fans. Hail to the trendy queen!


Hyun Ah(@hyunah_aa)님의 공유 게시물님,

HyunAh is known for being independent and fashion-forward in her style choices both on and off-stage. Her fans showed a positive response to her post, sharing their own desires and fears about getting similar piercings and complimenting how she always stays ahead of the trend.

HyunAh made her solo comeback in November 2019 with “Flower Shower.” She recently performed the song, along with a collaboration with DAWN, at the 2019 MBC Music Festival.


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