'My Girl' remake in China?
'My Girl' remake in China?
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] SBS hit drama 'My Girl' is drawing attention as to whether it will produce a Chinese remake.


On July 5, a Chinese drama production official said the Korean hit drama "My Girl" will begin filming at the end of August, the Chinese remake.

"My Girl" is a hit drama with an average audience rating of 20 percent on SBS. Joo Yoo-rin, a cute swindler who combines friendship and economic ideas within 10 seconds of meeting. One day, when the fraud was in full swing, as always, she met Seol Gong-chan, a cool, intelligent and talented businessman. It tells the story of a woman who was born a liar but could not be a real swindler, and an arrogant man who was born with everything but found out that she was perfect only after meeting Yoo-rin.  

On the Internet, the male lead is known as actor Hyung So-rim and the female lead is known as actor Hyung-bi.
Actor Hyung So-rim practiced for a year as a trainee for SM Entertainment. In 2017, he made his face known for his role as "Wol Chil" in the drama "The First Battle of the Queen" and was loved by many for his role as "The Eternal Love" and won the Tencent Media Sungkwang Award for Potential Drama Actor.

In November 2019, actress Hyeong-bi was nominated for the 26th Best Actress Award in the Chinese modern television series "Put Your Head on My Shoulder". On December 22, 2019, she won the Potential Actress of the Year award at the Kumolta Online Film and Television Festival in Beijing.



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