2PM "The Cafe" Music Video is released
2PM "The Cafe" Music Video is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] 2PM, who made a comeback with their new album "MUST" on July 28, released the music video for "The Cafe" on July 4.

The group 2PM, which made a comeback in about five years with all members, released their seventh full album "Must" and title track "Make It" on June 28 and opened their music video for the song "The Cafe" on its official YouTube channel on July 4.

The romantic lyrics of "The Cafe," written by member Woo-young, have a sweet voice and pleasant sound.

The music video of "The Cafe" featured six members' bright smiles and free atmosphere, running around the sentimental and like a youth movie, taking pictures of each other, and comfortably reading books or enjoying camping gave healing.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, the official Twitter account hosted a Twitter Blueroom Live. The cumulative number of viewers surpassed 1 million on the day, drawing global fans' attention toward 2PM.

Meanwhile, the new album "MUST" topped Japan's largest record shop Tower Records' Daily Sales Chart on Thursday. In particular, Shinbo, which was produced in two ways: light and dark, attracted attention by ranking first and second on the chart. On the day of its release, it topped the iTunes album chart in Japan, proving its presence.


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