So Ji-sub's first drama in four years, "Doctor Royer."
So Ji-sub's first drama in four years, "Doctor Royer."
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Actor So Ji-seop chose the main character of the MBC drama 'Doctor Royer'.

It has confirmed the formation of the first half of 2022 of the medical suspense legal drama "Doctor Royer," which is a unique charm that travels between MBC medical and court. Actor So Ji-sub will return as the main character of the drama in four years.

Dr. Lawyer is a heartwarming medical suspense court drama in which a genius surgeon who was robbed of everything and became a medical litigation lawyer meets with a prosecutor at the medical crime department who lost his only family and lover. So Ji-sub stars in the drama as Han Han, the main character who was once a genius surgeon but now became a lawyer specializing in medical litigation.

So Ji-sub's return to the drama is the first time in about four years since the MBC drama "My Secret Terrius," which aired in 2018. MBC explained that he, who has been giving a heavy impression with various works, will portray Han Yi han character, who has a unique career as a doctor and lawyer, a complicated inner side.

An official from MBC Drama Studio said, "Doctor Royer" will have both medical and legal drama charms, delivering a refreshing catharsis to viewers through the main character's appearance against the absurdities of the world."

"Doctor Royer" is a total of 16 episodes and is scheduled to meet with viewers in the first half of 2022.



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