Lee Yi-kyung as the special DJ for Kim Young-chul's Power FM
Lee Yi-kyung as the special DJ for Kim Young-chul's Power FM
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actor Lee Yi-kyung as a special DJ on SBS radio "Kim Young-chul's Power FM," which aired on the 5th.
Photo = SBS
Photo = SBS

In addition to acting, actor Lee Yi-kyung, who recently received high attention and love through various entertainment shows and YouTube content "Lotto King," will be the special DJ for SBS Power FM Kim Young-chul's Power FM for a week from July 5 (Monday).

Existing DJ Kim Young-chul stayed in the U.S. for a while to film a comedy show in the U.S. and is currently self-quarantine. Lee Yi-kyung is known to have appeared in Kim Young-chul's Power FM with actor Kwon Sang-woo when the movie "Hitman" was released and continued to have a steady relationship with DJ Kim Young-chul. This time again, he will appear on the show due to his strong friendship with DJ Kim Young-chul.
In particular, the company is also preparing a special quiz show that makes full use of the lucky image made of "Lotto King" to spread gifts to listeners.

On weekends, she is also preparing for a corner with broadcasters Park Seul-ki, singer-songwriter Yoo Seung-woo, and Jeong Se-woon.

Kim Young-chul's Power FM, hosted by actor Lee Yi-kyung, can be heard live every morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on SBS PowerFM (metropolitan frequency 107.7Mhz), and can be joined through real-time viewing radio streaming through the Internet radio "Gorilla" and Kim Young-chul's Power FM's official YouTube account.

Also, real-time photos and videos will be uploaded through Kim Young-chul's Power FM's official Instagram.


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