Kang Daniel has decided to host Mnet's dance survival "Street Woman Fighter."
Kang Daniel has decided to host Mnet's dance survival "Street Woman Fighter."
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer Kang Daniel will host Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter".
Photo = Mnet
Photo = Mnet

Singer Kang Daniel will be the MC of Mnet's new dance survival "Street Woman Fighter."

Mnet announced on the 5th that Kang Daniel has confirmed his appearance as the MC of 'Street Woman Fighter'.

Street Woman Fighter is Mnet's first female dance crew survival program. Eight female dance crews representing Korea will appear and compete to become the No. 1 global K-dance crew. Street dances in various genres, including girl's hip-hop, waacking, locking, crumping, and breaking, will hit the summer cool. Producer Choi Jung-nam, who directed various dance programs such as "Dancing 9," "Hit the Stage" and "Somebody," plans to contribute to the popularization of the female street dance genre.

According to Mnet, Kang Daniel is a 'representative dancer in the entertainment industry' who actually taught b-boying to juniors in high school and worked as a street dancer.

Kang Daniel said, "I'm excited just to be able to see the top dancers' performances up close. "It's even more, an honor to play the special role of MC," he said. "I think I'll get a lot of inspiration as an artist, and I'll also share my experience and help create the best stage."

Street Woman Fighter will premiere in mid-August.

Photo = Mnet
Photo = Mnet



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