'AOMG Rapper' pH-1 Will Collaborate with Baek Yerin on 'Nerdy Love'
'AOMG Rapper' pH-1 Will Collaborate with Baek Yerin on 'Nerdy Love'
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] pH-1, the rapper from Higher Music(Sub-lable of AOMG, stylised as H1gher Music) will collaborate with Baek Yerin on a new single 'Nerdy Love'. According to the label, the song will be released on January 9, 6 P.M. KST on major music sites. 
Baek Yerin, an ex-member of '15&' who turned solo last year is quite popular with her soulful voice. 'Every Letter I Sent You.', the newest and the first album she's ever released under her independent label 'Blue Vinyl' was a major hit, topping several charts in major Korean music sites.
pH-1(Park Junwon) wasn't born yesterday either. The rapper from Higher Music first made his name known through an Mnet survival audition program 'Show Me The Money 777'. His first concert '2020 pH-1 Concert: ROMMATE SEARCH' recorded sold out the minute the tickets opened. Let's wait and see what the two have in store!

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