Lee Dong-wook 'ELLE' photoshoot is revealed
Lee Dong-wook 'ELLE' photoshoot is revealed
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  • 승인 2021.07.01 19:37
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Actor Lee Dong-wook has been selected as the muse of "La Mer."

On the 1st, King Kong by Starship, Lee Dong-wook's agency, recently released a pictorial that Lee Dong-wook filmed with fashion magazine 'ELLE'.

In the released photos, Lee Dong-wook caught the eye with flawless skin and clear features despite the close-up. Famous for his transparent and clear skin, he also completed numerous A-cuts in this pictorial, showing the essence of handsome skin.

In the next photo, Lee Dong-wook, who drew attention with his innocent look staring somewhere in a white T-shirt, took pictures with the product and showed his professionalism as a beauty model.

La Mer, who chose Lee Dong-wook as a muse, said, "I chose him as a model because his luxurious image and irreplaceable atmosphere fit well with the brand."

Meanwhile, more pictorials with Lee Dong-wook and La Mer can be found in the July issue of "ELLE."



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