YG's Boy Group 'Treasure' Will Debut In January 2020
YG's Boy Group 'Treasure' Will Debut In January 2020
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] YG's newest boy group Treasure is likely to debut soon! YG Entertainment has released an updated statement about TREASURE13, confirming the group’s debut plans and Ha Yoonbin‘s departure. With Yoonbin leaving the group, Treasure is now consist of twelve members. 

Prior to releasing their statement, YG teased their debut on their official Twitter. The agency first thanked fans for waiting so long for the group’s debut, and the decision to combine both TREASURE and MAGNUM to one group. Below is the official announcement from YG Entertainment.

"Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First, we would like to sincerely thank our fans for waiting so long for the debut of TREASURE, which was formed through YG Treasure Box last year.

We would like to provide 3 updates to YG’s new boy group TREASURE, who are preparing to make their official debut.

The first news is that while YG selected 7 members for TREASURE and 6 for MAGNUM, and also collectively named them TREASURE13, we decided to combine the 3 groups into one name, TREASURE.

It was a decision made to focus more on TREASURE’s successful debut and growth, so please understand our decision.

In the future, TREASURE will provide opportunities for fans to get close with the members in more diverse ways, not just with the group’s activities, but also members’ unit groups and solo activities."


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