Quartet SECHSKIES Has Released A Teaser Image
Quartet SECHSKIES Has Released A Teaser Image
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[BBANGYA NEWS|James Jung] SECHSKIES is making a comeback on 28th January, 2020. A former sextet now turned quartet is consisted of Eun Jiwon, Kim Jaedeok, Jang Suwon and Lee Jaejin. YG Entertainment posted a teaser image on its official blog(www.yg-life.com) at 10 A.M. KST January 7. The color of the card yellow, suggests the group's official fanclub color while letters symbolise the messages members prepared for their fans.
The group is releasing new album in two years and four months, folloiwng 'ANOTHER LIGHT' in 2017. It's also their first album after they've turned into a quartet. 
The concept behind the album is yet to be announced.



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