"BLACKPINK: THE MOVIE" will be released in Korea on August 4th
"BLACKPINK: THE MOVIE" will be released in Korea on August 4th
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[BBANGYANEWS | Reporter Nang] "BLACKPINK: THE MOVIE" has confirmed its release in Korea on August 4.
Photo=YG Entertainment
Photo=YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment released the main poster of "BLACKPINK: The Movie" on the 24th.

The wing-shaped sculptures and the names of the four members in the dreamy pink-tone fog make fans excited. In particular, the phrase "2021.08.04" was engraved on the top of the poster, amplifying fans' expectations for their films.

"BLACKPINK: The Movie" is a film made to mark the fifth anniversary of BLACKPINK's debut and is one of the "4+1 PROJECT" predicted by YG.

 It is expected to re-edit BLACKPINK's hit song stage by adding five live songs from "THE SHOW" and "IN YOUR AREA" (2018) concerts, giving the audience a vivid experience as if they were actually in a concert hall. It will also feature special scenes of the members, which have not been released in the past.

Fans' responses are hot right after the news of CGV nationwide and its release in more than 100 countries around the world.

Release information from around the world can be found through "Black Pink The Music Video Dotcom," and the first global ticketing will begin on the 30th.


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