NU'EST MINHYUN released cover video of 'Your Ocean'
NU'EST MINHYUN released cover video of 'Your Ocean'
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[BBANGYANEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Group NU'EST (JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, Ren) released a cover video of "Your Ocean."
Photo = Pledis Entertainment
Photo = Pledis Entertainment

On the afternoon of the 20th, Pledis Entertainment released a video of "[COVER] Minhyun - Your Ocean (Original Song: Hoppipolla)" on its official SNS and YouTube channel, decorating the weekend with warm emotions.

In the released video, Hwang Min-hyun not only showed off his deeper tone in the sunset terrace space but also drew attention by filling about five minutes with Min-hyun's unique sensibility.

In particular, Min-hyun's cover video was reportedly released as a surprise to repay the warm love sent by fans.

Hoppipolla's songs, known as Hwang Min-hyun's playlist among fans, can be selected to feel the extraordinary love for fans once again.

Hwang Min-hyun, who has proudly joined the rising actors' ranks by offering a variety of spectra, including not only vocals but also musicals and acting, is drawing keen attention to the various moves he will make this year.

Meanwhile, Hwang Min-hyun will meet fans through various broadcasting activities and is considering his next production.


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