Cheongha's first full album "Querencia" ranked Billboard "2021 Best Album 50"
Cheongha's first full album "Querencia" ranked Billboard "2021 Best Album 50"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Solo artist Cheongha's first full album was selected as Billboard's "50 Best Album of the 2021".

According to the "2021 Best Album 50" recently released by Billboard, a U.S. music media, Cheongha's first full-length album "Querencia" released in February was listed in the top 50 along with albums by prominent global artists.

Billboard editor Nolan Feeney, who recommended "Querencia" to the "2021 Best Album 50," said of Cheongha's album, "It's an album that sticks in my ears to the main part of the album. "We divided the 21 tracks into 4 themes and captured them with ambition."

Cheongha's first full album "Querencia," which was listed on the "Billboard 2021 Best Album 50," is an album filled with 21 tracks of various genres that can check Cheongha's musical capabilities, including the title track "Bicycle."

Meanwhile, Chungha has continued to be popular, topping various real-time music charts with its remake song "My Lips... Warm Like Coffee" which was recently released with Colde.


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