Play [2021 Lungs] Returns for Second Run!
Play [2021 Lungs] Returns for Second Run!
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Ahreumbi] Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs returns 2021, up for grand opening.
photo= PlayDB
photo= PlayDB

South Korean production of ‘Lungs’ which previously succeeded its first round of production on Daehak-ro Art Theatre through <The Best Plays 8>, called out its return in 2021, after a year. The returning production started its ticketing on May 26th, targeting its official opening on June 26th.


‘Lungs’ is Duncan Macmillan’s masterpiece, a two-hander play that centers around various human struggles and global issues.


The protagonists ‘M(Men)’ and ‘W(Women)’s’ long conversation throws countless questions on us: ‘When the world’s reaching its maximum capacity over 7 billion human population, shall we give birth to a new life? Are we good enough?’ Bringing up the environmental conflicts easily avoided for its undermined impacts to life and the general queries about ‘myself’ every individual holds, Lungs encourages deep sympathy, fluidly guiding through the restless 90-minute performance. As seen through the play’s choice of the target audience, of fifteen years or older, its topics aren’t lightweight, yet the play also circumvents the boring listings of information, disallowing the loss of laughter.


The complex combination of love, environment, and lifecycle of people’s relationship, 2021 ‘Lungs,’ is selling on ‘Interpark Ticket’ with various discount opportunities, as teen discount and early audience discount.

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