Kim Yoon-seok X Jo In-sung's "Escape From Mogadishu" poster is released.
Kim Yoon-seok X Jo In-sung's "Escape From Mogadishu" poster is released.
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Ryu Seung-wan's new film, "Escape From Mogadishu" has released the first poster this summer, confirming its release.

The film "Escape From Mogadishu" tells the story of the 1991 Somali civil war and the escape of people stranded in Mogadishu. It captured Somalia's 1991 situation, which was marred by endless civil war, starvation and terrorism, and the desperate survival and escape of the isolated.

Director Ryu Seung-wan's new and 11th feature film, "Escape From Mogadishu" featured actors with trusted acting skills such as Heo Joon-ho, Kim So-jin, Jung Man-sik,  Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Jae-hwa, and Park Kyung-hye, led by Kim Yoon-seok and Jo In-sung. The first poster, which was released with the confirmation of its summer release, shows the urgent situation of the isolated city of Mogadishu.

In addition, the phrase "isolated city, goal is to escape" contains the desperation of those who fought desperately to survive in a situation where no one can help. It raises questions from the audience about what happened to them.

Filmed in Morocco's all-location, "Escape From Mogadishu" will also provide a variety of attractions to audiences who are feeling stuffy due to the COVID 19 situation due to the exotic scenery being exposed even in the poster.

Meanwhile, 'Escape From Mogadishu' will offer an unforgettable experience to movie lovers this summer.


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