A.C.E 'SIREN: DAWN' will be released on the 23rd
A.C.E 'SIREN: DAWN' will be released on the 23rd
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Group A.C.E is making a comeback after nine months.

A.C.E officially made their comeback on the 23rd by releasing a scheduler image of its fifth mini-album "SIREN: DAWN" on its official SNS on the 7th.

According to the scheduler, A.C.E released a variety of teasing contents, including tracklists, comeback trailers, concept photos, album covers, album spoilers, music video image teasers, and performance teasers, before the release of "SIREN: DAWN" on the 23rd.

In particular, A.C.E prepared a total of three versions of the concept photos: SUN, ECLIPSE, and MOON. As this scheduler also consists of a dreamy blue moon image reminiscent of the keyword, it raises interest in what the A.C.E will look like in "SIREN: DAWN."

"SIREN: DAWN" is a new album prepared nine months after A.C.E's fourth mini-album "HJZM: The Butterfly Fantasy" released in September last year. A.C.E topped domestic and international charts with its title track "Goblin" which expresses Korean style and received spotlights from famous foreign media such as Forbes, Allure, TeenVogue, British Vogue, Clash, Metro, Dazed, and Paper.

This year, Ace has released a series of collaborative singles such as "Fav Boyz" and "Down" collaborated with global artist Grey, produced by DJ Steve Aoki, and continues to make global moves with world-class pop stars such as Ceramic Cat and Bruno Mars through Apple Music Radio.

Meanwhile, A.C.E's new album "SIREN: DAWN," which music fans around the world are paying attention to, will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 23rd.


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