British singer 'Let It Ring' Reiley is on the rise in popularity in Korea...
British singer 'Let It Ring' Reiley is on the rise in popularity in Korea...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Reiley Peters, a versatile influencer, made an explosive request to visit Korea after his debut as a singer.
사진= 라일리 공식 인스타그램
Photo = Reiley's official Instagram

Reiley's official YouTube account comment window was filled with Korean comments, with the video first uploaded on February 8, 2021.

Reiley, who was born in 2000 and announced his official debut as a singer with his single "Let it Ring" on March 26, drew much attention in Korea with his Korean-language print "Let It Ring" embedded in an awkward Gothic style in the middle of the costume he wore in the music video. Soon after, Reiley, who captivated Korean fans with his impressive cute appearance and charming voice and succeeded in entering the Korean Apple Music Chart on May 9.

Reiley's "Let It Ring" is a song that warns me that I won't answer if I keep calling my ex-lover who doesn't fit me or hurt me. "Let It Ring" is a pop genre song based on the familiar iPhone Rington and is a collaboration of hitmakers including Lost Boy, Lauren Aquilina, and J Hart.

Although he is a rookie, Reiley's YouTube subscribers have already exceeded 6.25 million, Instagram followers of 41.4 million, and TikTok's followers of 11.1 million as of today (June 4). Reiley was first known as a TikTok star and Instagram influencer and is also a versatile artist who has worked in musical fields.

In response to his popularity, in the third episode of YouTube's own content, Rei's Playground, Reiley posted a video titled "Korean Food Eating Show," and in the previous episode, "Korean fans are so great and sweet." "I can't stand it because I miss you!" he said, showing off his special affection for Korean fans.

Also, when asked by a fan, "Will you come to Korea to perform after the pandemic?" Reiley said, "Yes, I wish I could go right now! Someone told me that Let it Ring has entered the chart in Korea. "I love you," he responded positively to his visit to Korea.


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