Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds Joined SBS Variety Program "Running Man"
Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds Joined SBS Variety Program "Running Man"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|James Jung] Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds joined SBS variety program "Running Man" crew aired on December 22 along with co-stars Melanie Laurent and Adria Arjona.
The actors and actresses chose the "Running Man" members to make teams. Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Adria Arjona appeared as special guests.
When asked which “Running Man” member looked the youngest, Adria Arjona chose Jun So Min and guessed that she was 27 years old. When she found out that Jun So Min is actually 34 years old, Adria Arjona exclaimed, “What?! We’re going to talk after. You have to tell me some of your secrets!”
The “Running Man” members were also rendered speechless when Adria Arjona guessed Ji Suk Jin to be 36 years old. When Ryan Reynolds cautiously asked if he was actually 42, Ji Suk Jin proudly stood up from his seat to announce, “I’m 54.” Both Adria Arjona and Ryan Reynolds were dumbfounded by his answer, and Ryan Reynolds even went as far as to question, “Dad?!” causing the “Running Man” members to double over with laughter.
Ryan Reynolds visited Korea for the movie promotion of '6 Underground'. 


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